Harry Potter - who is he?



Everybody knows it, the phenomenon that we are not the true offspring of our parents. We cannot believe that those two dull/ ignorant/ ugly/ wicked/ ordinary/ you name it - people, with whom you share your life, really should be your origin. Never! You are born to something more, to be royal, to be beautiful, to be smart. Not at all like them. And you have to bear their daily suppression and worst of all, their injustice to you. “Do this, don’t be like that. Be nice, be clean, do your homework” and so on. How can they be like that to a superior creature like you? This phenomenon is well known to paediatricians, psychologists and other people, who are taking care of children. The name muggler is a true description of Parents way of acting.

That is why so many children and adults instantly identify themselves with Harry Potter. We have all been suffering more or less like Harry in our lives, been persecuted and haunted by threads and first and last we have been treated wrongly and unfairly. In some way we can all see our selves in Harry Potter.

Of course Harry is a magician, as fantasy is simply a part of the children’s lives and until the gender changes most of them into mugglers, they live in a magic world. That’s why many people are wondering if Harry will survive the last book about his youth as a magician, when J.K. Rowling puts an end to the story. For fantasy seldom has a long life in the world of grownups. Fantasy leaves home, when reality knocks on the door with its knotty muggler’s hand. But some have the will and the luck to keep their inner child alive. And that is the fight against Voldemort.

All those who are familiar with the stories of Harry Potter know that there is a string between the horrifying Voldemort and the seeker of Justice, Harry. A string created when Voldemort tried to kill the infant Harry. As we all know, the mother of Harry saved his life by offering herself, and thereby created a shield of motherly love which threw the curse back on Voldemort and nearly killed him. Only his parted soul could beware a bleak reflection of his former shape. But, as we know, he was on his way back to re-create himself in a new and even more horrible form.

But it was not only that Voldemort by his failed curse made a string between him and Harry that knotted their destinies together, they have many other similarities. First of all they are both orphans. No father, no mother. And both brought up in poor conditions, the one in an orphan’s home, the other in a hardhearted, selfish family of the worst mugglers ever seen. Also they have a wand made of the same feather of a phoenix. And in “The Goblet of Fire” we saw the two wands being bound up in a flaming bow which could not be broken. And in “Harry Potter and the Order of the
Phoenix ” a communication port opened between them as broad as a highway.

I guess that Rowling has in mind to draw a psychological portrait that shows that good and evil are mutually connected. Two sides of a mirror where the figures in the same moment represent the same and the opposite thing.

And here comes an argument for my theory: Lord Voldemort and Harry means the same! It is the same name!

Harry is a diminutive or nickname for Harold, which origin is Harald, a Nordic name. In Old Norse it is called Harjawalda which means army commander. If we take a closer look on the single word, Harja means master or lord (Herre, Herr in Nordic and German language) and Walda comes from will, violence, leading, force, manage, administrate and so on. In other words: Harry means the lord, that will! And Lord Voldemort means the lord that will kill. Mort means death.

In other words: Voldemort means in direct translation “The master that will kill Harry”!

So lord Voldemort and Harry are more than twins. In some ways they are aspects of the one and same person developed in to two different versions: the bad and the good, or the hopeful and the disappointed. Who will be the winner of the Struggle?

You might say that the story about Harry Potter is the story of defending your inner child, even with magic.

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